Code Gakko Partners for Inaugural National Data Science Challenge

Tue Nov 13, 2018 •

Registration for the National Data Science Challenge (NDSC) 2019 is now open!

Organised by Shopee, this competition is free for students and professionals of all backgrounds. This challenge will be a great platform to put your Data Science skills to the test!

Attractive prizes including over SGD 12,000, a return trip to Shopee’s Shenzhen Tech Centre and full-time/internship opportunities at Shopee are up for grabs!

The theme of the competition is Product Information Extraction in the Wild - a challenge to extract insightful knowledge from large volumes of textual and visual data using Machine Learning Analytics.

Code Gakko is excited to participate as a training partner for the challenge. Don’t miss out on our free workshop on product classification!

Product classification using neural networks
Speaker: Sean Saito (ML Developer, SAP; Founder, Code Gakko)
Date: 16 February 2019

  • Understand how to set up a simple data processing pipeline
  • Learn about state-of-the-art neural networks
  • Use a neural network to classify and locate products in images

Register now at See you there!

National Data Science Challenge 2019